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Karen and Jim

Exploring the friendship and relationship of the two Stamford Mifflinites

Karen and Jim Fans - In friendship, in love
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This is a community for fans of Karen and Jim from NBC's The Office. Whether you just like their friendship or the idea of them being a couple, this community is for you.

Layout made with overrides from thefulcrum. Artists who want to make banners, layouts, etc for the community are always welcomed. Just make a post about it.


1. Don't bash the couple or the actress. You came to a Karen and Jim community, you knew what to expect. If you're writing 'Karen's a whore' you should be quoting the Dane Cook bit.
2. Fanmixes must be friendslocked.
3. Anything over 3 icons must be put under a cut.
4. Be courteous.
5. Heed the spoiler rule! Cut till after 5 days after the episode airing.
6. Please post all icon requests in theoffice_icons request thread. It makes things a lot easier since a lot of people are members of both communities, and they both have the same mod.

Community icon made by wesaucereyes


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